Why We Wear Jewellery

hugs-+-bangleIn pre-historic times, jewellery was worn to bring luck, for protection, to bring fertility to the tribe, to the crops and to their animals. In medieval Europe, jewellery was worn by people in power – Kings, Archdukes and Emperors – and smaller copies were sold to the new merchant class, keen demonstrate their power and wealth.

Today, jewellery is made of both precious and non-precious materials, displayed side by side in retail jewellery shops and galleries across the world and purchased by people for many reasons. Some jewellery is very traditional, a rite of passage, a memory of a special occasion such as an engagement, birthday or perhaps an anniversary; representing the mutual bonding of the wedding ceremony or celebrating the birth of a child. Some designs are very contemporary, worn to make a statement and create a look that is totally original; some has a function such as a memory stick pendant, a key or a watch; and some jewellery is just purchased for fun – cheap to buy, worn for a night and may not be worn again for another 12 months.

Whatever the reason, jewellery is always a celebration.