Learn to Make a Silver Spoon

Posted October 13, 2014


Would you like to learn how to make a silver spoon?

Steve Wager is running silver spoon workshop, using traditional tools and methods to transform a piece of silver using hammering and forging – a process known as hand raising – into a simple utensil.  These classes are not designed for silversmiths and jewellers;  they are for people who just want to experience and understand the skills of the craftsmen and women who create beautiful silverware, as Tom Bowtell found out when he attended one of Steve;s workshops.  Tom learned how the process of heating and hammering made the silver malleable but the hammering process was harder than it looked and “… it became clear that my imperfect hammering arm was lending an unseemly wonkiness to my spoon”.  The result, however, was a perfect spoon with a tapered handle and beautiful bowl, created by hammering over a suitable shape on a tree stump!   He wrote about his experience for the Goldsmiths’ Company website, Who’s Who in gold and Silver:  http://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/exhibitions-promotions/who’s-who-in-gold-silver/news/-a-beginner%E2%80%99s-guide-to-making-a-silver-spoon/


Amanda Stuklin, an independent publicist promoting art, antiques and contemporary design, was one of a group of journalists and PR specialists, who attended Steve’s one day silver workshop, and also found that it was not quite as easy as it looked – but, like Tom, she too was delighted with the result.

The humble spoon was one of the  earliest examples of cutlery and the use of silver spoons goes back to the ancient Greeks when it was normal to carry a spoon and drinking vessel when dining away from home!  Spoons made of silver were used by the wealthy; but the poor used spoons made of wood or bone.  Silver spoons always contained some alloys to give them the strength to be used as cutlery but it was not until hallmarking was introduced in the 14th century that the percentage of alloy mixed with the silver was made law.  Today, a silver spoon is still a traditional gift for a new baby or a wedding present.

Steve Wager’s silver workshops are held on a Saturday:  8th November, 22nd November and 6th December.  For further information contact Steve on: 020 7404 7154, or by email:  steveewager@hotmail.com.