Smith & Harris

Posted August 15, 2014

Dennis Smith and Gareth Harris are silversmiths manufacturing some of the finest silver and gold sculpture and objet d’art in the world.

They both studied the art and craft of silver and goldsmith at Sir John Cass (now part of London Metropolitan university)  before working together at set up in business together at Edward Barnard  & Sons – the oldest silversmiths in London.  In 1981 they set up a business together as Smith & Harris, t in 31 Hatton Garden – workshops that  had been occupied by silversmiths since the early 18th century.  In this extraordinary and historic place, Smith & Harris developed their business from a specialist trade workshop, to being designer craftsmen, supplying silver and gold objet d’art and jewellery as works of art.

They are known for the design and manufacture of Ascot trophies, flatware and silver tuning forks but perhaps their most ambitious and famous piece was the commission from Marc Quin called Siren – a life sized sculpture of Kate Moss.

Smith & Harris will take commissions from private individuals as well manufacturing collections for the trade.    For further information and to make an appointment:

Smith & Harris: 31 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DH . 020 7405 10556 . www.smithandharris.com