Buyers Guide

Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves”

Dorothy Parker


Jewellery makes a statement about you.  Your jewellery and the way you wear it is an expression of how you see yourself, and the clothes you are wearing form just the background canvas for the creativity of the jewel. The person who wears jewellery makes an impact!

The style of the jewellery might be traditional – the symbolism of the gold wedding band that seals the relationship with your partner; or a simple, classical solitaire worn betrothal or engagement ring.  It might be a contemporary piece  using fossils, rough druzy quartz or amber formed into a stunning necklace by a young designer;  or a fine diamond line bracelet with matching earrings;  or silver charms purchased from a branded store – a birthday gift for a young woman.  Jewellery says more about you as an individual that almost any other purchase.

Here in Hatton Garden, there are more than 60 retail jewellers and hundreds of skilled craftspeople, specialist gold and silversmiths, designers and watch-makers, gemmologists and antique dealers who can help you to discover interesting and unusual pieces of jewellery that will match your lifestyle.  So to help you choose, browse through our Buyers Guide and learn a little about how to care for your collection.

Hattongarden.com offers you a jewellery buyers guide to Hatton Garden where the finest jewellery designers and silversmiths create their latest collections.


Image:  the Duchess of Windsor, famous for her jewellery collection