Mothers Day

Posted February 26, 2015


Mothers Day – traditionally known as Mothering Sunday – is a festival of motherhood celebrated across Europe.  The origins are thought to have been in the 16th century, when children who had gone to work away from their home returned to the Mother Church on the fourth Sunday of the Christian Festival of Lent, to honour their mothers and celebrate with their families.  As they walked home, the children would gather flowers and many would make special cards and gifts such as a Simnel cake made with fruit and layers of marzipan.

Today, Mothers Day is celebrated with flowers and gifts of love by both children and loving partners. Diamonds are the perfect give of love for all mothers.  Illustrated here is an emerald-cut diamond line bracelet from the FlexiLink Collection, part of Diamonds for Today.

This year, Mothers Day falls on 15th March

Photograph:  Paul Hartley of Hartley Studios.  www.hartleystudios.co.uk     FlexiLink diamond line bracelet: www.diamondsfortoday.co.uk   www.flexi-linkbracelets.com