Take 5 Talks – Tatty Devine

Posted September 26, 2014


Take 5 Talks at the Design Council this Thursday evening featured Harriet Vine of Tatty Devine.

The Take 5 format – 5 insights followed by 5 questions and costing £5 – ensures a quick and focussed presentation and enabled Harriet to present some of the more unusual and perhaps more personal aspects of the brand.  The fact that this month was the 15th birthday of Tatty Devine and a time for celebration with a great deal of cake may also have contributed to her reflective presentation.

I was impressed by the passion which drives the creativity of both Harriet and Rosy.  They are both collectors – from the beginning when they re-appropriated stuff that others had thrown away, to today when laser cut designs dominate the collections, they collect things that inspire them, gathering information, observing people and their everyday lives.

But the lesson to be learned from Tatty Devine is that you don’t need expensive equipment or materials to make a success of the brand.  They prefer to laser cut, hand paint and decorate each piece to 3D modelling and computerised mass reproduction.  And it is all made in London or Kent.