Starting your Own Jewellery Business.

Posted September 15, 2014

Live the dream – starting  your own jewellery business.


For recent graduates and and post graduates, leaving the warm, safe world of university to face the shock of reality in the cold, harsh world of commerce is a challenging experience to say the least!  To start with, you are alone.   It is not quite as easy to share experiences with your fellow ex-students and lecturers are no longer available to give advice and support.

For a jeweller or silversmith there is also the question of where to work as the installation of the jewellers bench, complete with power tools, oxygen bottles and  acid is guaranteed to upset parents and landlords alike!   And taking on a workshop in those early stages of business development is a big commitment …

The solution lies in a place where silver and goldsmiths can rent a fully equipped bench or studio and also – if they wish – receive training or mentoring to help them achieve their goals.  One such hub is Centrepunch, based in Dulwich, set up by Beaulagh Brooks and her husband, Clive.  Beaulagh is a designer-maker in silver and gold with considerable experience and empathy for students as she was a course director at Sir John Cass (London Metropolitan University), and as an ex Royal College student herself, she understands the immense challenge faced by those trying to make that leap from student to professional gold or silversmith.

Centrepunch is fully equipped, so that jewellers who want to rent bench space to work in precious metals can just come in and start work.   No set-up costs – just apply for membership and you can book studio or bench space in advance and have access to all the equipment, together with advice from the many experts who make up the Centrepunch team.   For those starting out and trying to build a business there are also mentoring programmes and courses to improve skills, including business support and development.  The issue of skills and the shortage of jewellers with specialist skills has been hotly debated but Beaulagh has put together a full programme of short courses designed to build confidence as well as competence, run in conjunction with some of the finest silversmiths and jewellers in the country –  Ndidi Ekubia, Alex Monroe and Dr Lynn Bartlett to name just three!

So if you are looking for a launch pad, look at Centrepunch.  Go to www.centrepunch.co.uk or email beaulaghbrooks@centrepunch.co.uk