The New Intellectual Property Act becomes Law

Posted October 1, 2014


A historic moment.   The  new Intellectual Property Act became law today after years of campaigning by ACID.  It is now a criminal offence to steal the work of a designer and if found guilty, the offender could receive a sentence of up to 10 years!

ACID – Anti Copying in Design – was started by Dids Macdonald 15 years ago with the help and advice of IP lawyer Simon Clark.  Dids was an interior designer specialising in hand-painted accessories.   She was very successful but her business was threatened – like so many small, independent designer-makers – by the theft of her ideas and blatent copying by large organisations who put profit before integrity.   The plan was to use weight of numbers to force the offending companies to desist from stealing and compensate the designers for the their actions – and, if necessary, take them to court.

ACID had been enormously successful in raising the profile of designers and is now a world wide operation.  This Act with its severe penalties will reduce the scale  of infringement and increase protection of registered designs.  To protect your own work look at the ACID web site:  http://www.acid.uk.com/join-acid.html.  And to find out more about the Act go to the governments own intellectual property office:  http://www.ipo.gov.uk/hargreaves-ipbill

image: FlexiLink bracelet from the Diamonds for Today collection: www.diamondsfortoday.co.uk