Diamond Geezers & Gold Dealers – a review

Posted July 25, 2014


When you know an area such as Hatton Garden very well – the industry, its people and how they do business – it is always difficult to try to have an objective view of it.  It is very easy to be cynical or negative, or feel that the makers of the programme had missed a really important point. But despite the fact that I have worked in the fine jewellery industry for over 30 years and known the Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter for most of that time, I still learnt something new: namely, that Presmans gather and melt down an awful lot of teeth!

It seemed to me that the star of the show was Leigh Stutman, one of Presmans cheerful  re-claimers, cleaning-up workshops and astounding the owners with a cheque for the value of the precious metals that had been salvaged from the sludge.  I knew this was common practise but the sheer scale and value of that waste was eye watering.  The volume of material that its re-claimed and re-cycled from so many different sources will come as a shock to most people who are accustomed to not valuing the stuff we would normally throw away.

I hope that viewers were pleasantly surprised to know that in this little bit of London, situated between the City and the West End, so many small, independent business can still flourish, creating  special pieces of jewellery to celebrate a special and memorable occasions.  Hatton Garden is, without doubt, unique.