The Beauty of a Hand-made Piece of Jewellery

Posted August 26, 2014


The beauty of a hand-made piece of jewellery is that it feels as well as looks uniquely different.  All the tiny imperfections that are part of the creative process not only give it character but also enable the jeweller to allow for individual requirements. For example, incorporating elements to balance a ring, bracelet or brooch that features a large or heavy stone;  or using a mixture of different metals; or modifying the shape or structure to suit personal requirements.

A cast ring has the advantage of being mass produced and therefore cheaper but there is no substitute for the feel of a hand-made piece.  It is always surprisingly heavy.  The result I am told of heating and cooling, manipulating the molecules of precious metal so that they become harder, stronger and then heavier.  That piece is special because the hands of the jeweller that made the piece are entirely focussed on creating something that is individual and precious.  The perfect gift of love.

The ring that illustrates this blog features a peridot surrounded by diamonds and is part of the Diamonds for Today collection by IDJC- just one of many hand made peices of jewellery from goldsmiths in Hatton Garden.

For further information about the Diamonds for Today Collection: www.diamondsfortoday.co.uk